Performing Advanced Yo-Yo Tricks

Learn how to do advanced master level yoyo tricks with a single yoyo in this free yo-yo video from our professional yoyo competitor and world yo-yo contest judge.

Series Summary

The history of the Yo-Yo is a long and sordid tale, beginning in the Philippines sometime before 500 B.C. Once possibly used as a weapon, the Yo-Yo developed into its modern form in 1866 when it was patented under the name “whirligig”. With a ridiculous name like whirligig, it's no wonder the dizzying disks didn't take. Finally given the respectable name of Yo-Yo, the children's toy achieved ridiculous heights of popularity in the 1920's and then again in the 1960's. Advances in Yo-Yo technology in the 1990's saw yet another resurgence of Yo-Yo culture, sparking the World Yo-Yo competition held annually in Florida to showcase a variety of Yo-Yo tricks. Yo-Yo's can also be seen in film and television, though most often as weapons for small, animated children. In this series of free yoyo instructional videos, our professional competitor demonstrates the tricks that truly separate the yoyoing champions from the pretenders to the throne. Yes indeed, these are the masters level tricks, where reputations are made and pretenders exposed. André Boulay is a lead judge at the World Yo-Yo Contest, where he has seen a well executed Double Iron Whip bring the competition to its knees and a masterful White Budda receive a rousing ovation. Needless to say, this series is not for beginners, unless you want to see where you will eventually end up with those endless hours of practice. This is the pros, baby, and if you want to get here, you'll have to work very, very hard.

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