Aikido Bow Staff Lessons

Aikido was developed around the 14th century. Learn some exercises, techniques and moves with a wooden bow staff in these free online video martial arts lessons from a martial arts expert.

Series Summary

Aikido, the modern Japanese martial art, was developed between the 1920s and 1960s and emphasizes the spiritual and philosophical development of its students. This development of spirituality and philosophical belief is directly derived from Shinto and Buddhism. The name “aikido” comes directly from three Japanese characters that stand for “matching,” “spirit,” and “way.” Aikido is meant to distract or immobilize, not kill or permanently damage the attacker. Aikido fighters are thus demonstrating an effective but merciful response. Ueshiba (the Great Teacher of Aikido) declared “To control aggression without inflicting injury is the Art of Peace.”

In this series of videos, see an expert demonstrate aikido moves, strikes, throws, and many other techniques with a wooden bow staff. Practice with an expert as he shows you how to do each step in a series. Take it a step further and learn it at a faster pace. Then, challenge yourself and learn more and more moves in the sequence. After all these steps are fused into your brain and your body there will be no one you can't disarm and defeat.

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