Latino Home Workout

Working out is an important activity that helps strengthen the body and alleviate stress. Learn some tips for working out with a choreographer in this free Latino home workout series.

Series Summary

Throughout history there have been countless different workout routines. Some of them successful, some not so successful. A couple of these routines that has lasted are resistance and cardio training. Resistance training is good because it keeps the targeted muscle group constantly working in both the extension and retraction. Cardio is also a great workout because it constantly keeps the heart rate up and burns calories very quickly. When these two workout routines are combined is when the best results are seen. Of course it may be better to focus more on one type of routine for you but they should both be a serious part of your workout.

In this free video series a choreographer, Enrique Lugo, will show you several steps to help you work out from home. Enrique will begin by showing you a few helpful stretches to get your body warm and ready for a full body workout routine. He'll then show you ways of working your biceps, triceps, shoulders, lower back and even your chest. These exercises are designed to help all workout all body types with an emphasis on resistance. Enrique will then show you a few useful methods for building your endurance and overall physical condition. Watch these videos and start getting your body in shape today.

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