Advanced Nunchucks Techniques

Use nunchucks like a martial arts master! Learn how to do advanced throws with nunchucks, also known as speed chucks. With these nunchuck instructions, the basics of weapon skills and martial arts are within your grasp!

Series Summary

Nunchucks are a traditional weapon of the Kobudo weapons set and consists of two sticks connected at their ends with a short chain or rope. The nunchuck as a weapon has surged in popularity since martial artist Bruce Lee used it in his movies in the 1970's. It is generally considered by martial artists to be a limited weapon, although it is also one of the least understood. Complex and difficult to use, the nunchuck has a steep learning curve. It is also prone to inflicting injury on its user.

In this free video series, our expert Calab Labarda will show you how to do advanced throws and spins with nunchucks, from shoulder swings and throws to spin combos, these moves are skills that every tae kwon do or martial arts expert should know. Once you're well into your nunchuck training, you will be ready to learn weapon moves, strikes, catches, and combinations that will impress everyone from grandma to Bruce Lee.

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