Competitive Cycling

Learn about competitive cycling and tips for racing bicycles in this free online sports video.

Series Summary

Learning to ride a bicycle is usually regarded as one of the major milestones of childhood, yet many people ride bicycles into late adulthood, and some cultures have built entire transportation systems around the bike. Cycling is an exciting that allows you to travel a little further than an evening walk would afford, but much faster and usually in the same amount of time. Competitive cycling and mass bicycle races developed into a sport in the late 19th century, and the first Tour de France was held in 1903. Since that time bikes and cycling gear have undergone countless improvements in comfort, safety and efficiency.

In this series of free online videos you'll learn all about competitive cycling. Expert cyclist Angela Dybdahl offers tips on picking the best bike and racing equipment for the type of race you are competing in, racing tips for starting a race, taking corners, using gears and other racing tactics, and training tips and advice on preparing for race day.

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