Chest & Back Exercises: Upper Body Workout

Learn an upper body workout to build strength and muscle tone using chest and back exercises in this free workout and fitness video series.

Series Summary

The sport of weightlifting traces its origins back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, where we find it used as a standard of measurement for human strength. But in the 21st century, the term strength has different connotations to it. We’ve begun to move away from massive bulk and girth, the Herculean dead lifting of barbells and the grunting produced by an animal exertion of force. We’ve begun to measure strength relative to the man; and instead of looking for the biggest and the fiercest, we seek out the man who has done the best job of training his own body, who has mastered the amount of power he has be allotted. With our newfound focus on fitness and holistic strength training holding true, new gyms continue to surface every day, and the encyclopedia of exercises designed to target specific muscle groups grows by leaps and bounds.

Strength training develops the endurance and size of the skeletal muscles, which helps with flexibility and improved cardiac and joint functions. It also increases metabolism for several hours after a workout, which promotes fat loss. In these free workout videos, learn some basic weightlifting exercises you can do to target your back and chest muscles, including flys, incline and decline press, pull ups and pull downs, rows, shrugs, and few others techniques.

So don’t try to outdo the guy next to you who’s lifting 400 lbs; make your fitness goal to improve your body every day!

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