Beginning Kayaking Tricks: Playing in Holes

Learn how to play in the hole and waves in this free kayak video and beginning kayaking lesson.

Series Summary

Kayaks have been used for thousands of years - the oldest kayaks dating back 4,000 years. Inuit Indians, who invented and named the kayak, have always used them as an effective means for hunting sea animals such as sea lions. Today the majority of kayaks are used for recreation. From sea kayaks to white water kayaks, these amazingly versatile boats are employed and enjoyed all around the world. Learning how to use a kayak is not exactly intuitive and getting instruction from a professional instructor is paramount for both beginners and advanced students.

In this free video series, watch as expert kayaker James Sullivan teaches beginning kayaking tricks while playing in holes and waves. Learn how to find a good hole and identify a bad one, how to enter a hole from above and the side, how to move forward and backwards in a hole, how to get on a foam pile, how to find sweet spots, how to edge control in holes, how to enter a wave from above, how to avoid pearling, how to carve an edge, how to use the power stroke, and how to use forward and reverse rudders on kayaks.

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