Contact Juggling Tricks

Contact juggling tricks balance objects on different parts of the body to create an illusion of juggling. Practice contact juggling tricks with this free juggling video series.

Series Summary

Juggling is a skill where objects such as balls, bowling pins or rings are thrown and caught in succession. This skill is often demonstrated at birthday parties, circuses and other entertainment events. Juggling has become an ever-popular hobby since the International Jugglers’ Association began a club for performing and non-performing jugglers. The benefits that hobbyists learning to juggle enjoy include improved hand-eye coordination, relief of stress, improvement of flexibility and sheer entertainment. One form of juggling is contact juggling, where the object being juggled is in constant contact with the body. In this free juggling video series, an experienced performer demonstrates a few contact juggling tricks. Learn to balance the ball on different parts of the body, and find out how to catch the ball on the back of the hand. Discover the butterfly trick, which balances the ball from one side of the hand to the other, and combine all of these techniques into a completed performance-worthy trick.

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