Tips for Washing & Ironing Clothes

Learn how to wash and iron your clothes in this free clothing and fabric care video series from our professional wardrobe expert.

Series Summary

Washing clothes is one of those daily tasks that everyone has to tackle. And people usually fall into one of two categories—either they:

a)wash their own clothes, or
b)have someone else wash their clothes.

Whether they are successful or not, the people who wash their own clothes are at least familiar with the fact that things don’t always turn out as expected. Yes, technology continues to improve, and washing machines are becoming more user-friendly and idiot-proof. But the basic fact remains that you can’t wash a red sweater and white underwear and not expect for things to turn out…well, pink.

In this free video series on washing and ironing clothes, learn how to properly care for your own wardrobe, reducing the risk that you’ll ruin your favorite shirt or pair of jeans to a minimum. Our expert will explain some of the basics of clothing care, including how to test detergent for colorfastness, how to use fabric softener, when and how to hand wash delicates, how to use the washing machine, and how to starch and iron a nice pair of dress pants. Use these tips to arm yourself against wrinkled, smelly clothing. The world will thank you!

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