Hip Hop Dancing

Learn hip hop dancing skills and moves in these free dance lessons on video, with beginner hip hop steps and techniques.

Series Summary

Hip hop dance covers a large variety of body movement and expression, incorporating many different steps and techniques, but the cornerstone of the style is undoubtedly break dancing. Over time, that so-called old school way of dancing and participating in hip hop culture has developed a family of off-shoots. Funk dancing, popping and locking, jigging, freaking, krump, and hyphy are examples of types of hip hop dance, and each style contains certain moves that distinguish it from other forms. There is no doubt as to the influence hip hop has had on the cultures it comes into contact with. These days, many people decide to take hip hop dancing lessons from an instructor, and although some critics believe that teaching orchestrated steps in that fashion is counter to the true culture and the history of the dance, many people enjoy learning how to break with the best of them. So take a few moments and watch this instructional video series designed to help teach the basics of hip hop dance for beginners—or those of you who are already dancing fiends but perhaps unfamiliar with the variety of styles and moves under the umbrella term “hip hop.” In these lessons, learn how to crip walk, how to walk it out, how to do the superman, how to pop lock and drop it, and other important hip hop dancing moves for the club. Make sure you go to the dance floor prepared, and bring your best moves. You’re welcome to borrow some of ours—just make sure you practice first!

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