How to Make Salt Rising Bread

Learn how to make a delicious and healthy Salt Rising Bread with expert cooking tips in this free video recipe.

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Salt Rising Bread was developed in the 1800's and gets it's unique flavor from an unusual fermentation process. It's is relatively rare in many places, but remains popular in many eastern U.S. bakeries. It is a dense, white bread that, despite it's name, is not necessarily made with salt. Salt Rising Bread is unusual in that instead of yeast, it utilizes a naturally occurring bacteria as it's rising agent. It does take some skill and effort make Salt Rising Bread, as a starter made of water, cornmeal, and potatoes must be made and left to warm over night before the bread can be made. Despite the intricate and unusual recipe, Salt Rising Bread is famous for it's delicious taste.

In this free video recipe, our expert chefs will demonstrate how to make Salt Rising Bread. You will get easy step-by-step instructions on how to prepare and heat the starter, as well as how to bake the bread. You will also get tips and advice on various warming methods, and flavor adjustments you can make. This recipe does take some time but the end result is well worth it when you get a loaf of delicious, thick Salt Rising Bread.

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