How to Play Guitar Arpeggios 6

Learn some tips on how to play arpeggios on the guitar in this free video clip series on guitar lessons and music theory.

Series Summary

As with anything you do, in order to get good you must go through certain things such as scales and these arpeggios. Arpeggios are a very good way of becoming very familiar with the fretboard. They increase the options of notes you can go to when you are soloing or trying to create different chord voicings anywhere on the neck for a different feel or sound. Don't get discouraged and quit if this seems boring or difficult. After you walk off the stage at Madison Square Garden you'll thank us and these arpeggio videos! In this series of free music instruction videos, our rock and jazz guitar expert shows you how to play arpeggios from chords on the electric guitar. The chords show you where to place your fingers; from those basic scale positions, our expert shows you how to give your fingers a real workout. Learning these arpeggios will help improve your dexterity as well as your confidence as a guitar player. Drawing from his experience teaching daily lessons, Kivett Bednar talks you through each clip, all crucial steps to the mastery you are sure to achieve if you stick with it. So watch and learn, and then practice, practice, practice.

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