Variations on the Mimosa

Mixologist and restauranteur Joe Campanale shows how to make the perfect mimosa, a favorite at brunches everywhere, and a variation called the "Texas Mimosa" that includes grapefruit juice, tequila and a grapefruit twist.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Joe Campanale. You're watching Today, we're going to make the classic mimosa cocktail, and a variation on the mimosa that we like to call the Texas mimosa. It's actually our most popular cocktail at brunch at both of the the restaurants. Start with a champagne flute or sparkling wine flute. It's a very simple cocktail to create. Next, you take orange juice. It's really important that your orange juice is very, very, very cold. So get super-chilled orange juice. We like to use fresh-squeezed. And then you top it off with a sparkling wine. My recommendation is not to waste your most expensive fine champagne that you've been waiting for that special occasion. Any sparkling wine that you'd be willing to drink on its own works really well in the cocktail. And if you wanted to make a few of them ahead of time, you can pour out the orange juice in a bunch of glasses, but just wait 'til the last minute to pour the sparkling wine so you retain the fizz. And if you want, just a very simple, but pretty variation; you can take a little bit of cranberry juice and pour it on the top, and you get that really, sort of pretty orange and red color. And now we're going to create a variation on the classic mimosa that we like to call the Texas mimosa. So, I was hanging out with a few friends, who are chefs from Texas, and they were telling me about their favorite cocktail, which they call the paloma. And paloma is grapefruit and tequila and lime, and at the time I was thinking of our cocktail list at our restaurant, L'Artusi, and we were opening up for brunch, and I thought it would be a really great idea to marry the mimosa and the paloma and come up with a refreshing, Texas-inspired mimosa cocktail. So again, you start with a champagne flute, and this time, instead of using orange juice, we're going to use fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice. Again, remember that you want your juice to be very, very cold. And now, to the grapefruit juice, you're going to add sparkling wine. Just remember, you can use any sparkling wine that you're willing to drink. And then, to make it a real Texas drink, we add just a touch of tequila. And this time, I like to do a garnish. I use the grapefruit peel. So, take your peeler. You get a nice, sort of grapefruit peel and give it a twist and release all of those oils, and then you can just drop that peel right inside. So, here we have the Texas mimosa and your classic mimosa. Thanks so much for watching. I'm Joe Campanale. Catch me again on

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