Easy No-Bake Ricotta Cheesecake

When it's hot outside, the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven oven. Pasty chef Heather Bertinetti keeps it cool with an easy no-bake cheesecake made with gelatin and ricotta cheese, perfect for warm sunny days -- or if you just want an easy, fuss-free dessert.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Heather Bertinetti, and you're watching eHow.com Every summertime, I try to think of things I can make without baking, without using the oven because nobody likes a hot kitchen when it's hot outside as well. So I want to share with you my favorite recipe for a no-bake Ricotta cheesecake. It has a lot of citrus in it and a lot of vanilla, and it's delicious. So in my mixing bowl I have cream cheese, Ricotta, orange zest, vanilla bean, vanilla extract and a little bit of sugar. I'm going to use my mixer and this attachment is called the paddle attachment. This gets all the lumps out. I'm going to start this at a low speed and the goal here is to get all the lumps out, the smoother the better. I'm going to take this off and transfer our cheese mixture into a bowl. For the second step of this process we have two cups of cream that we're going to whip. Now before I add the entire two cups of cream, I'm going to reserve a little bit and I'm going to heat some up in a pot. I'll explain why later. So I'm going to whip my cream on a very low speed, speed one and as this is whipping I'm going to heat up that cream that I reserved and bring that to a boil. Let's talk a little bit about gelatin. This is called Knox powdered gelatin. Gelatin will be your best friend in any kind of no bake cake. It will set whatever you want to set. It will set a fruit juice. It will be like Jell-O or it can set this cheesecake in about three hours. Once my cream has come to a boil I'm going to take my gelatin that I had already bloomed, I'm going to add it into the hot cream just to dissolve it. I prefer to use a whisk here just to make sure we get all the lumps out. Okay, now that all of our gelatin is incorporated into the cream and the lumps are out, I'm going to turn the mixer back on, I'm going to slowly stream the cream into the side of the bowl. If you were to add all of the hot cream at once to your cold cream, it will never whip up so the slower the better. I'm going to kick my speed up to medium. So now I have four ounces of melted chocolate, that's white chocolate. I'm going to add that to my cream on a low speed. I'm going to add this all at once as well. Remember, your chocolate is hot. Okay, add a little bit. I'm going to whisk it in with my wire whisk, add the rest. And now that we're all incorporated, I'm going to take my store bought 'Nilla wafer crust or you can use graham cracker or whatever else you would prefer and we're gong to stick it int he refrigerator after we fill this overnight. That's an ideal situation. If you don't have that much time and you're crunched for time, you could just stick it in the refrigerator and in about three hours it should be properly set. I'm Heather Bertinetti. This is my no bake Ricotta cheesecake. Enjoy it for the Summer. Have fun. Catch me again on eHow.com.

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