How to Make Aji Verde

TV host and cookbook author Daisy Martinez demonstrates recipes from her Latin American heritage, with influences ranging from South America to Spain. Learn how to incorporate ingredients and techniques for everything from Cuban coffee and pisco sours to chimichurri sauce and churros.

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Hola, I'm Daisy Martinez for Today, we're going to rock some Aji Verde. Aji Verde, it's a spicy green sauce that you can tuck into a sandwich, top on a baked potato, put on your favorite protein, we're going to do some chicken today but watch how delicious and easy this is and you make it in a snap. I have my little food processor here and I have two cups of beautiful tender cilantro leaves, some nice chopped garlic, nice, a couple of cloves or to taste. Garlic is such a subjective thing. You know, some people like it, some people don't. I love garlic. Garlic and cilantro, I'm in heaven. Let's work this a little bit, great. Now to that I'm going to add a couple of again, this is a subjective thing, I like it hot. The spicier the better. I have some jalapeno peppers. I call this baby heat, two, three, four, five, some salt and we're going to check that again at the end and I have three scallions that I diced and some lime juice. I'm going to work this a little bit more, wow it smells amazing. Now over here I have some grated cotija cheese. Don't freak, cotija cheese is a slightly salty firm cheese you can use a feta, a manchego, a parmesan, a ricotta salata would work beautifully and about two tablespoons. This stuff is really really good and you can get it like the ethnic markets and if you can't get it in an ethnic market, you know, I'm very fond of saying you can find a husband on line so cotija cheese is a no-brainer. Let's work this and we're going to add about a half a cup of olive oil while it's running. Then I'm going to add about a half a cup of water. Let's see, just enough to loosen it up to make it come together like a nice sauce. Wow, that's pretty delicious. Go ahead and just pour some of this Aji Verde. You can use whatever grilled protein, even some grilled vegetables would be amazing with this. This is the fun part, take a little piece of chicken get some of my Aji. Mmm, mmm, Aji-licious. I'm Daisy Martinez on We're getting down on some Aji Verde.

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