DIY Placeholders

Host Evette Rios helps you paint pots that make perfect, personalized placeholders or practical hostess gifts.

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Hi, I'm Evette Rios here on, and I wanted to show you guys a little personalized gift that I think is going to make your guests feel really special. So to start out, I'm using some terra cotta pots. I got these at my local home improvement shop, and then I actually made a stencil of one of my guest's letters. This is my cousin, Lanya's, coming so I've printed out an L for her. I use sticker paper, because I like the fact that I can resize it on my computer and make whatever size I want, but you can use a store bought stencil, and that's absolutely fine too. And with the sticker paper, you're just going to peel the back off like that, and then you're going to stick it on to your pot, and it looks like I think I'm going to actually need to trim this just a little bit because I've got a lip on this pot, so I'm just going to stick it down. You want to try to make it as straight as possible, and then I'm just going to trim the top because I've got the lip of the pot. You might not have this problem if you have a pot that actually has no lip, but I'm going to trim it like that, and then I'm just going to stick it down, and with these kind of stencils what you want to do is you want to make sure that the space, you know the area right around the opening is stuck. The sides can stay, you don't need to press down the whole thing, just around here because you don't want the paint to slip under the stencil. So there you go, and so now I'm using just an acrylic paint, you can get it at any craft store, something water-based is always better than something oil-based because oil-based is really hard to clean afterwards, and I'm just going to use a little bit of paint and just start painting inside the stencil. Okay, so you're just going to paint. You don't want to use the paint too thick because then it kind of glops under the stencil, so just keep it nice and light. So, now I'm going to peel off my stencil, and you know this is something to think about when you're using a water-based paint like this. You really want to peel it off while the paint is still wet, because you're actually going to get less bleeding under the stencil if you do it while it's still wet. When it's dry, sometimes you'll pull up the paint on the actual letter with the stencil, which isn't a good thing. And there we go. There's your L, and so one of the things that I like to do is if I'm giving a gift like this that maybe inspires people to go out and grow things, why not give them some seeds. You can get these at any garden store, and then if you've got herbs growing in your garden, just put some fresh herbs in there, and if you want to you can also, you know, put some herbs and then maybe put a recipe or something that they could use the herbs and try at home, something that's a little bit more meaningful and maybe more personal. And you can use this as a place setting for a dinner party, so everybody knows where they're sitting, and then they can take it to go or it's a great shower gift. I'm Evette Rios. Thanks for watching, and check me out again on

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