How to Repair a Pop-Up Tub Drain Stopper

A pop-up tub train stopper can be replaced in a couple of minutes, so long as you know what you're doing. Repair a pop-up tub drain stopper with help from a licensed plumber in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing, here to show you how to repair a pop-up tub drain. Okay, to repair a pop-up tub drain stopper, first thing you'll need to do is remove this top cap here. Now, on some pop-ups, you actually, instead of being spring-loaded, they actually have a little know that you pull. Those, you remove a little different, similar, but you're still going to remove that top cap. Use a screwdriver, usually a flat-bladed, and this portion will unscrew out. Now, you don't have to do anything special, you don't have to get underneath the tub. This is all done from inside the bathtub, depending on what the problem is, if the water doesn't stop, or if the spring portion or the push-pull portion no longer works. If it's just a rubber washer that needs to be repaired, take it down, match it up. If you're going to replace the whole piece, make sure you take it with you to get a new one. The thread here, and in the bottom of that tub are different sizes. Make sure you take it with you to match it up, get yourself a new one, reinstall that. Use your screwdriver to tighten it into place. Reinstall the top cap, and then activate that drain a few times, turn your water on, make sure that drain's going to hold water for you. And again, I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing, and we've shown you how to repair a pop-up tub drain.


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