How to Repair a Warped Wood Cabinet Door

A warped wood cabinet door can be repaired using a few very specific tools. Repair a warped wood cabinet door with help from a kitchen cabinet professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Jory from Salt Lake City, and we are going to be talking about how to repair a warped kitchen cabinet door. Now this cabinet door has been warped pretty good. It's got a big bow going in the center and it's bowed so much that we actually have a big split right in the center of the door. Cabinet doors warp in a lot of different ways. That happens if the wood is not totally dry. Sometimes it depends a lot on the weather, humidity a lot of those things that happen depending on where you live. Now this specific door we would actually replace it. Just get a new one and replace it. It's not worth messing with the crack. It's going to continue to cause you problems just because how severe the warp, the warping is. So the other thing that is, that happens happened with this particular door is it's warped in this direction so that this middle, this middle panel has shrunk. And so that we have kind of a step going on right there going into the, to the side style there. So what I would do with that is that small of a piece I'd actually just sand it down. Looking at this warping it's not too severe on this particular door. If it was a little bit more then that we'd probably cut it on the saw and then sand it to make sure that it was good to go. On this particular one I'm just going to sand it. So as we sand that off we are going to sand, sand it so that it's flush with the piece that's next to it. Making sure that we are holding the sander at a good position. A little bit more. There we go. And that went out after we sanded that down. We could see now that it's flush on this side. We can go ahead and just do a round over and then apply a finish coat if that's what you are doing. If you don't need to apply a finish coat depending on your door then that's all you do. Just sand it and take care of the work. Again I'm Jory from Salt Lake City and we have just talked about how to repair a warped wood kitchen cabinet door.


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