How to Remove Furniture Depressions From a Carpet

A steam iron set in top of pre-dampened furniture depressions can remove those depressions from a carpet. Learn how to steam your carpet back into shape in this free video on carpet cleaning.

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Video Transcript

Hey everybody it's dynamic John Mickel of Dynamic Carpet Care, and I get asked all the time hey, we moved some furniture, now I've got these furniture depressions in the carpet. How do I get those out? Well I'm going to show you. You're going to need a couple of simple things, a steam iron and a white cloth. Make sure it's damp. What you do is take that damp white cloth, put it over the depression that you want to get out of there, okay, put it on top, take your iron, set it on top of the cloth, on top of the depression. Hold it there for maybe five seconds, put it on there, go over it, hold it down, pick it up. It should be completely popped back up, the carpet back into place. Repeat if you have to but not more than five seconds on there. So hopefully this helped you with getting out those furniture depressions out of the carpet. If you still have an issue, contact a local professional in your area or feel free to contact me at and remember, keep it clean my friends.


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