How to Adjust Self-closing Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

A self-closing kitchen cabinet uses the cabinet door's own weight to draw it closed, and you can adjust the hinges on these doors to level them out so they will function correctly. Learn how to keep your self-closing cabinet doors closing in this free video on home built-ins.

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Video Transcript

I'm Jory from Utah, and we are going to talk about how to adjust self closing kitchen cabinet hinges. For these hinges that are the self close, self closing. What I mean by self closes is I close the door it actually will, the door will actually catch and the weight of it will slowly close it all the way to the cabinet. It's a nice feature we also, it also has adjustments. That's where we can make sure our doors are level. Now typically that happens when we have two doors that are together. Now this cabinet is not on the wall so my cabinet itself is not level but I can still explain for our purposes, I'll still explain here how to level it and show you that we can still make it level even if my cabinet is not quite like it should be. So now all of the hinges have three adjustments. We have this one which is going to allow us to go in or out depending on how we need to. This one which is going to take us front and back as we need to. And then this the middle one which will take it up and down as it needs to go. So if I check this door if I close it we have a really big gap here and my doors are uneven. So what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to close the gap a little bit by letting that one out. So as we change the adjustment, I first adjust the one that will take it in and out this way. And the second one I do the one that goes front to back. On this one, this one's got a lot of flex in the door both here as well as there on the bottom. So if I were to adjust on that same hinge this back one is going to, if I let that top side of that out, it would automatically push the bottom in which will take care of the flex in the door. That way we can adjust our doors and angle them however we want them. So we can tilt them this way, up and down as well as in and out so we can get our doors level just by adjusting our hinge. I'm Jory from Utah and we just talked about how to adjust self closing kitchen cabinet hinges.


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