How to Draw the Oregon Trail

Drawing the Oregon trail can be a great way to get some practice at drawing a huge portion of the United States. Draw the Oregon trail with help from an active art teacher in this free video on drawing lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Aaron, a graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I've got my BFA in drawing and painting. And today, I'll be showing you how to draw the Oregon Trail. Today, I'm going to be using an assortment of colored pencils and charcoal pencils, which you can get in various hardnesses. And, the trail itself went through major towns and cities along the way, so they could restock supplies, and trade. So, it went from Independence, through Kansas, up into Nebraska, past Courthouse Rock. Then, we went into Wyoming, where you'd hit Fort Laramie, and then right up to Soda Springs. It was not easy going at the time, there were not paved highways, or even really dirt roads. And, here we hit Fort Boise, then into Oregon, you'd go up to Whitman Mission, and then down to the dallies of Oregon. And then, you hit Oregon City. And now, I'm going to take a minute to draw you what a typical wagon in the wagon train would have looked like. Okay, so we started with a typical carriage, and it was just kind of a flat box of a carriage. On the side would be a barrel, presumably full of water. And, this wagon was covered with a very, very large canvas tarp, which made for shelter from the weather elements. Then, a little trunk on the back, just like modern cars today. And, unlike modern cars today, very, very large spoked wheels. And, these were not pulled by any sort of engine of course, you know. They were pulled by a team of oxen. So, I'll sketch a little team of oxen out really quick for you. They were harnessed by a piece of wood over top of their backs, which in turn was connected through the oxen to the carriage itself. This has been Aaron Wemer, showing you how to draw the Oregon Trail.


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