How to Program Your Sprinkler Timer

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When you program your automatic sprinkler timer, you must tell the device what days to activate itself and how long to run, keeping in mind any local watering restrictions. View a step-by-step demonstration in this free video of outdoor lawn and garden tips.

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Hi, I'm Roe Sie with Ninja Green in Los Angeles, and I'm going to show you how to program a sprinkler timer. What we have here is an Orbit brand. There are few different kinds of brands. They're all a little bit different. But, I will explain this one to you and he'll give you the general idea. Basically, you have a couple of different program options on a sprinkler timer. But, at a very basic level, you just want to turn each sprinkler station on for maybe start with ten minutes, maybe three times a week. You don't need to usually water, especially if you're watering a line, you don't want to water it every single day. You want to water it maybe once every other day; give it a nice deep watering and then give it a chance to soak in. Now, the, this particular timer has an auto setting. This is where you're going to leave it once it's programmed. So, we're going to take it from the auto setting and the first thing we're going to do is set the time and date. Pick up the time and you adjust the time by going up or down. So, on this one it's, we'll put it at 1:20 pm. So, that's correct. We hit enter to enter that. The year is 2011, enter that. The month, adjust it up and down as you need and up and down as you need to and make sure you hit enter. If you hit next, it'll skip over and it won't take. So, you want to check it, flip it to time and date and go through each, hit next to just check to make sure all the times, the dates and the month and the year were entered correctly. Next, you want to put in, on the next setting, you have the start time setting. And on the start times you're going to tell it what time you want it to start watering. So, in this case, I'm going to set it for 6:00 o'clock. So, I'm going to time, push the plus button to increase the time from 5:00 o'clock to 6:00 o'clock and I'm going to hit enter. And you want to enter, there are multiple different start times on some of these programs. Some of these timers you can have multiple start times. Right now, we're just going to do a simple one day, one time of day start time. So, you would use those other slots essentially if you want to have an evening watering time. Say if you have, if you just put a new sag down and you want to water it very lightly in the morning, in the evening so it never dries out. Those are the circumstances that you would use that. Next, you want to tell the timer how long you want the timer, the sprinklers to stay on each of those station. So, I'm going to switch it to station duration and I have just the same thing, I have the stations are all along the bottom, one, two, three, four, five, six. So, station duration, I'm going to start with ten minutes and we'll see after a few days if things are getting enough water, if I'm getting over watering, if I'm getting run off or if I'm getting wet patches in the garden, then I'll adjust it back. So, we're in good shape. Finally, do you want it to water everyday, every other day? You also want to check, here in Los Angeles, we're on a water restriction because of the drought; so, depending on your address, whether it's odd or even; you know, we're only permitted to water in certain days of the week. We're on an even address, so, we're going to be on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. And this time is set incorrectly. So, I'm going to clear out my day. I'm going to hit enter on Tuesday, hit next to go to Thursday; you can see the, the T right there. So, that's good. Now, I'm going to go onto Sunday, hit enter to turn on Sunday. There we go. And now it's all programmed. Don't forget when you're done setting the timer to go through, give it a double check; toggle through all the settings to make sure they took if you forgot to hit enter the changes you may have wanted taken. Switch all the way up to auto and it should show you the current time and the day of the week that it is right now and it's all set. I'm Roe with Ninja Green in Los Angeles, and this is how you program a sprinkler timer.


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