How to Tell if Eggplant Is Rotten

You can tell if an eggplant has grown rotten by the presence of brown, dried areas or absence of its normal firmness, shine and deep color. Learn to evaluate your eggplant in this free video on eggplant recipes.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Coreen from Shakes Bakes, and I'm going to go over some of things that indicate that an eggplant maybe rotten. First of all, a lot of people like to look at the stem area and that can be a good indication, sometimes. And this particular time, I actually cut the stem right here, as you can see and it's very brown and kind of dried out, if you can tell, right here. And that's a good indication that there maybe something wrong or this eggplant may not be so fresh. Another indications is, you look for shiny skin and you look for deep color. And although this eggplant has some shine on it and it has some color to it, there are many areas like this, that are here. That maybe an indicator that this eggplant may not be as fresh as you'd like it to be. If given some time, you see more and more and more places like that, on this eggplant. Until the entire thing, you know, pretty much looks awful. So, this is a good thing to look at, as far as choosing your eggplant and what to avoid. Another step that you can take, is to kind of, bounce the eggplant in your hands, to feel it's weight. When you pick it up, if it feels lighter than you imagined it would be, just for it's size. It's probably not a good eggplant, it's probably rotting somewhere in the inside and it's not so very fresh. In this case, this eggplant is a little bit light for what I thought, it should be. Just from the appearance of my eyes on it. It's size, you know, you have something in mind and it feels a little bit light. Well, that's what the situation is with this, may not be so good. Another thing that I'm going to do, I'm actually going to a finger test on this eggplant. I'm going to take my finger and make a depression in the eggplant. So, I'm putting some pressure on the skin, right now to make a depression. Do you see that, the depression is right there? Now, in this case, the depression has not raised. Meaning that, this may not be such a great eggplant. If it was a good eggplant, it would come back up to the surface and be smooth, again. But right now, you can see that the light is interrupted, it's not smooth here, it's kind of dipping in. And you can see the indentation, where my finger was. Now, this is not necessarily something to determine if then eggplant is good or bad. But some people may not like such a bitter or seedy eggplant. One way to avoid getting your seedy or more bitter eggplant, is to look at the sex of the eggplant. If you look down at the bottom, you see that this is kind of like an oval shape. The depression or the naval or whatever you call it, it's kind of oval-shaped, right here, that indicates that this is a woman. You probably want to tick with the men eggplants or the male eggplants, rather. They tend to have less seeds and be less bitter. So, those are your eggplant tips to how to avoid rotten eggplants.


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