How to Make a Prime Rib Roast

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A prime rib roast makes for a succulent main course on the Christmas table, and the trick is to sear the outside of the roast before slow-cooking its interior. Roast a three-, four-, or five-rib cut of meat with a demonstration from a professional chef in this free video on holiday feast recipes.

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Hi, I'm Michelle Karam with Dishes by Michelle in Los Angeles, California. One of the staples on our holiday Christmas table is always a prime rib roast. I love it, my family loves it and it's delicious and has so much flavor. I have a three rib prime rib roast over here, and it's rib-on, which is the rib part, and I'm going to pat it dry. You want the outside of your roast to be crispy, and that's not going to happen if there's wet or moisture on there, so that's the reason why you pat it dry and you remove any excess moisture. Once you've gone ahead and done that, you want to take your roast and you want to transfer it to your roasting pan and I'm putting it here on the diagonal and I'm going to take a little bit of olive oil and I'm just going to drizzle it over the top of my roast and the next thing I'm going to do is I have a dry rub mixture over here. Now inside of this I have coarse salt, fresh black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, fresh rosemary. So, I'm going to take this and I am literally going to cover the entire outside of this roast with this seasoning, and I am going to be pretty generous with it and we're just going to make sure and really just on the fat side this would be the fat side up here that has this layer up here. You really want to make sure you put like a nice crust up there because really, once you put it in the oven, it really adds really good flavor. And now, I'm going to put my meat thermometer in here. If you'd like to achieve rare on your roast, you're going to be looking for about 120 to 125 degrees internally for it. If you're looking for medium, you're going to be looking for 140 to 145 and if you're looking for well done, it's 155 and up. Now, when you put this in, make sure you do not put it in to touch the bone. You want to just put this into the center of the roast. It doesn't matter what size your roast is. You could have three ribs, four ribs, five ribs, doesn't matter. The trick is you will place it into your oven on 450 degrees for the first 15 minutes and you will leave it there. What this does is it starts searing the meat immediately so that it gets all that fat going so that it locks all of those juices in for when you're going to start slowly cooking this meat. So, what you'll do is you'll put it for 15 minutes on 450 degrees and then reduce the heat down to 325 degrees. For my rib roast, I'm probably looking at anywhere between an hour and a half to two hours and 15 minutes. So, you're just going to have to keep on checking it, keep your thermometer, that's what it's there for and look at the reading. So, I've taken my roast out of the oven, and it's been cooking for about two and a half hours. It has an internal temperature of 140 degrees, which means that it's medium, medium rare and I can't even begin to tell you the incredible aroma that has filled this house and this kitchen. It smells like the rosemary, the meat, it just looks absolutely beautiful. Now, my tip for you with your roast or any meat that you would be cooking, is once you remove it from the oven, allow it just to sit for about five to ten minutes. This will help all the juices that have been kind of moving around and circulating inside of there, reabsorb back into it to make sure that it's really juicy and tender because if you just start cutting it right after it comes out of the oven, it will all go out and you won't have very juicy or flavorful meat. So mine has been sitting and I'm going to take a little slice of this and let's see what it looks like. So, it's perfect on the inside, it's pink. It looks just like it should and it smells so good. I'm Michelle Karam with Dishes by Michelle. Thank you so much for watching my video on holiday rib roast.


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