How to Clean Racks in a Self-Cleaning Oven

To clean racks from a self cleaning oven, remove the racks and use dish soap, a scouring pad and a sponge. Scrub the racks following the tips from a cleaning service owner in this free video on cleaning.

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Video Transcript

Hey there, my name is Mark Newman-Kuzel. I'm president and CEO of Made in the U.S.A. Today, I'm going to show you how to clean an oven rack in a self-cleaning oven. First, you're going to need to have three materials with you, some dish detergent, a scouring pad and a soft, yellow sponge. What I like to do is fill the water in the sink up, as hot as you can get. Always wear rubber gloves so you don't have to expose your hands to any harsh chemicals. You don't want to scour your hands. Since I obviously don't have gloves, I'll try to make the water as hot as possible, put a little more soap in here, get it going, kind of mix it around a little bit. And that's good, we don't need to fill the sink up all the way. I like to dip my scouring pad in here as well. So, both of my materials are damp if not wet. Take your pad and, you don't have to scrub too hard unless you have some excess juices from that tri-tip you cooked the other night with your friends over. Scrub that. Get it nice and good, wedge that rack in here. Remove the harsh chemicals from the scouring pad. You'll go through the whole rack. You then take your sink here, and you can kindly just rinse off everything. It's clean, and ready to go back into my self-cleaning oven.


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