How to Sew a Bow Tie

To make a bow tie with your sewing machine you need fabric and pylon, as well as velcro to fasten it around your neck. Sew a bow tie with help from a seamstress in the free video on sewing basics.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Linda DiSimone, and I'm a seamstress and a designer. And I'm here to show you how to make a bow tie. The things you'll need are, fabric and matching thread, sewing machine, scissors, iron and an ironing board, fusible pylon, pins, and Velcro. Today we're making a bow tie and this is what we'll be making. So, step one, is to cut the fabric that you need to make the actual part of the bow tie here. So, you find out the length and the width of what you want to make, how big you want it. So, mine here is a piece of fabric that I have my length and my width. I've double the width, and remember to add a half inch on each side because that will be your seam. Step two, you're going to need some fusible pylon here and cut it to the size that's half of your fabric here. And then we're going to follow the directions that it has on the pylon wrapper and steam this on. Okay. Now, step three is we're going to, remember you have your fabric right sides together and you have your pylon steamed on top, now we're going to pin two sides, and all the way the around, and leave one side open. We're going to sew these two sides together, leaving this open. Then we're going to turn it inside out and iron it. Okay. This is step four; what we're going to do now is make the, this little piece that gives you the design of the bow tie. So, it's the same Idea. You're going to cut another piece of fabric to the width and the length that you want and then sew it together, the seam, and turn it inside out like I did here. Then you're just going to sew another seam over here. Turn that inside out and that's going to give you this finished product. Step five, is now that you completed this part and this part, you just put this through here and you make it so you have a nice looking bow. Now, we're going to do this part that goes around your neck. And it's pretty much the same principle that we've done before. Again, cut the length and the width of the piece that you want, and we're going to sew it on all three sides, leaving one empty so that you can turn it inside out, like we did here. And that will give you this piece. Now, that you've finished this part, you're going to insert it through the middle piece so that you can get the part that goes around you neck. All you need now is to have something to fasten it with to put on your neck. I am planning on using Velcro, but you could put on a snap, you could use a button. But today, we're going to use Velcro. So, cut a piece of Velcro. You have the two sides that stick together. Cut the size that you want, sew one side to one end, and the other side to the other end, matching it up. And that's how you will put that around your neck and you have your bow tie. My name is Linda DiSimone and thanks for watching this video.


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