How to Unstop Ears

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When unstopping ears, use ear drops and a syringe with warm water. Learn about unstopping wax buildup in your ears with help from a medical doctor in this free video on health.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Dr. Oliver Di Pietro M.D. My website is We are going to talk about how to unstop ears. Ears block when wax builds up in them. Ears are naturally auto-cleaning, they clean themselves. When we interfere with the ear canal mainly by using Q-tips you could get wax buildup and they'll block up. There are many home remedies like you could put ear drops and use a syringe with warm water to get the wax out. It's best not to use water that's too warm cause it could make you dizzy. If you go to the doctor they could use a machine that injects warm water under pressure, kind of like a water pick that will actually force the wax out. This is very effective and should only be reserved for people that have severe blockages. Remember to see your doctor if you have ear problems. This has been Dr. Oliver Di Pietro; thank you for watching.


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