How to Understand Kitchen Cabinet Styles

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Most kitchen cabinet styles are either traditional cabinets with lots of detail or contemporary cabinets with clean, straight lines. Choose a kitchen cabinet style by looking at online tools with tips from a remodeling contractor in this free video on home repair and maintenance.

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K hi I'm Tim Gipson I am going to talk to you about how to understand kitchen cabinets styles. Now as you look at kitchen cabinets, you have basically two types of styles that are prominent out there. There is the traditional look and there is a contemporary look. Now in your traditional look which we can see elements in this particular kitchen you'll have a raised panel is something you will you will see, now this is a raised panel which actually comes back out and in flush with the framing around the doors, and then, this can also be and what we call a flat panel or a shaker style panel which would be instead of having this, this detail around and the raised portion of it it would actually just be a flat plain panel in here. To where you have your contemporary cabinet doors tend to be more solid without any kind of a panel in it or any kind of a detail, so it is a very clean look and that is the difference really between your traditional style of cabinets and your contemporary style of cabinets is you have some architectural detailing that is predominant in more your traditional styles to a very clean, fresh look for your contemporary styles. So that is basically two predominant cabinet styles that you get into and of course there can be variations, there is a lot of mixtures of that you can get into some different looks by mixing your different styles within your cabinetry, there is really not a a rule to what you are doing, but there are some predominant features and predominant styles that are based on taste and just based on what is common out there in the market. There are a lot of on-line tools that you can utilize today as far as looking at your layouts looking at different type of cabinets, very powerful tools that you can actually put dimensions in and actually get full three d views of what cabinets might look. So I'm Tim Gipson with some tips on understanding cabinet styles.


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