How to Keep Food Warm for a Party

Keeping food warm fr a party is a great thing to know how to do especially in last minute or emergency situations with things you might find right at home. Learn how to keep food warm at a party with advice from a nationally recognized party-planning expert in this free video on party ideas and decorations.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Phyllis Cambria; the co-owner of In this clip I'm going to show you how to keep food warm for a party. You'll need an electric heating pad. You'll need heatable gel packs. You'll need a basket. You'll need a napkin. You'll need warm food. In this case I'm using warm rolls. When you are having a party and you're trying to keep your food warm, you can buy or rent big chaffing dish like caterers use or you can pick up something like this which is a portable chaffing dish. What do you do if you're having a party and it's last minute or you're just trying to figure out ways to keep food warm? Well, one thing you can use is a heating pad. It's electric; just take it, heat it up; slip it under your table cloth and it'll keep a tray of a lasagna or anything else warm. There's also these gel packs. Now they are generally use for oh, you know, an injury or heating which you just heat them according to the package directions and then you can take them. For instance, this heated gel pack we're going to put into this basket. We're going to cover it up with a napkin and now we're going to put our buns in there to keep them warm. It's a great way to keep your food warm for any party. This has been Phyllis Cambria; thanks for watching.


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