How to Draw Desert Animals

Drawing desert animals can be a lot of fun and works best by starting with an outline of each animal's head or body. Sketch a group of desert creatures with tips from an artist in this free video on drawing animals.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Michael Weisner. I'm an animator, 2-D illustrator, and a graphic designer. And today, I'm going to show you how to draw desert animals. Let's get started. First, you're going to want to get paper and a writing utensil. Now, I've already roughed out today's image with a light graded pencil just to save time. The first one I'm going to draw is a rattlesnake. First, I'm going to start with the head, because I want it to be a little fun looking. So, we'll have him sort of getting this weird "what's going on here" look. I'm going to finish drawing the base of the head, draw some gangs on him because I want my snakes to be, have sort of an overbite, I mean underbite, I'm sorry. Then we add a tongue. And then finally you don't need to draw every single line of a snake to show how long it is. The best way to do that is to draw a nice little heap of different lines going on. So, we're going to have a part of a snake long body right here, part right here. So, that's the starting point. And another part right here; actually we're going to make it look like a sack of rope, almost. So, one line, line and then finally we're going to bring it out right here. That's the start of a rattler, but we also have to add the shaky part of a rattler or otherwise it just looks like a regular snake. Then we add the underbelly, and there we go. Now, the next animal I'm going to draw is the lizard. I'm going to give him, start with his eyes first. And now we're going to draw the base of the head by drawing the brow on the side, drawing an elongated skull a bit, to his neck, and then give him a big puffy throat, right here. Draw his chest a bit, give him some stubby little legs, at the very bottom. Draw his back a bit because he is very stretchy. Draw his hind legs now. And next we're going to draw his tail. And now for some more detail, we're going to draw the spine, add some more detail to his eye. so I'm going to go ahead and make him look a little tired, sort of like he's not in the mood for anything. Draw his mouth a bit, give him a nostril, draw a little dot ear right there, add some details and that is our lizard. Now the next creature I'm going to be drawing is a prairie dog. First we're going to start with the head by drawing a box top of the skull. And now I'm going to add some ears because I want them to be standing up. And next, I'm going to draw in an eye, draw in his brows, make him look almost like a marsupial almost, but also like a dog. So, now, next we're going to draw his body out, so draw his neck to his chest and start drawing his arms in. Draw his tail now. And we're going to start drawing out his hind legs a bit more. Now we're drawing his feet. I'm going to make them long, it looks like a rabbit, there we go. Add that detail, a bit of an undercoat color. There you have it. That's how you draw a prairie dog. And that's how you draw desert animals, I'm Michael, I hope you had fun. I'll see you next time.


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