How to Make Jewelry From Silverware

Old silverware can be used to make great pendants on necklaces by wrapping the handle with 18-gauge wire. Use decorative silverware, wire and beads with a demonstration by a professional jewelry artist in this free video on making jewelry.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Shawn Wilson with Shaviq Designs, and I am going to show you how to make silverware jewelry. And the materials that you will need are: a couple of old pieces of silverware, a hacksaw with a metal blade, some 18 gauge wire, the right tools; you've got your rosary tools and your flathead, and you will need a chain to finish, to hang it on; a jump ring and a hammer to hammer it. So, I took an old spoon, cut it in half with the saw, with a metal blade. And once I had it cut in half, I took the pretty end of this spoon and started using some wire and I used an 18 gauge wire. And with the right tools, started putting a little bit of a curl at the end of my wire. Laid it right on top of the handle of my spoon and just start wrapping it around. And the more I wrap it around and then stop; at this point to stop to make a loop, you need the loop to hang the chain through. So, make your loop and run it round the backside of it. And then I like to add a quite a bit of wire and I also like curls. I put a lot of curls on my pieces. So, keep adding wire, keep running it around. Continue to add curls like I did with this one. And pretty soon after you've had time to get enough curls, I think I used 4 pieces of wire to wrap it around there to fill it all up, make it, like I said, make sure you got the loop at the top. Finish wrapping it around, and the last step is once you have your wire on there and it looks good to you, make sure to hammer it. It's hammering the wire that sets it and keeps the wire from losing it's shape. So, now that you've got it hammered on both sides, and it's tight and secure, your last step is just to add the jump ring to the top and add your chain and that...and with that you are finished with your silverware jewelery. So, that is how you make silverware jewelery.


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