How to Make Personalized Jewelry

Making personalized jewelry involves twisting soft aluminum wire into the shape of initials before threading it onto another piece of wire. Create personalized necklaces and bracelets with a demonstration by a professional jewelry artist in this free video on making jewelry.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Shawn Wilson with Shaviq Designs and today I'm going to show you personalized jewelry. For this, your supplies, you will need aluminum wire, because it's so soft, and a 14 gauge and a 22 gauge. You'll need some beads and some trusty jewelry tools and a hammer to finish the project. Start out with your 14 gauge wire and twist it into the initials, and so for myself it's SW, and twist away. The aluminum wire is soft enough to twist it with your hands, but you'll also need to use the rosary tools on your small corners, and then as you keep twisting it; and once you have your initials, use your flat nose pliers and squish it into shape a little bit; and it also kind of gives it a neat hammered look; and once you're done squishing it into place and your letters look just right and the size that you want, then I take it over and use the hammer and hammer it in. Hammering, it sets the wire and keeps its shape. So, once you have got it all hammered and shaped, and you've got your initials and they look like what you want it to, I'm going to jump ahead to this piece, then it's time to put on your beads, and for this you'll need the smaller wire, so either a 22 gauge even a 24 gauge wire. Now, this wire, when you start wrapping it around, back to your rosary ones and start twisting it around, you're actually tying little knots around your original initials, giving it strength and security as you go. So, keep twisting it in and out and around the letters, adding your little beads as you go. The beads are the fun part, putting whatever beads you want, pick a nice color combination and you just tie them, a few beads at a time. You can use stones or little glass beads, whatever you like, putting them in between the letters, in between the loops and continue to loop it around and around until you've filled in all of your letters, as busy as you want. But again, remember that you need to stop at all the different junctions and loop it around those little spots for security and for strength, to build strength to your project. So, once you're done tying in all of your beads throughout all of your letters, the last step is to put the chain on it and hang it, and then you've got a nice necklace with your initials for personalized jewelry. So, that is how you make personalized jewelry.


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