How to Paint With Oil Sticks

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Painting with oil sticks requires some oil bars, or oil sticks, odorless mineral spirits and a canvas. Use oil sticks to create unique paintings with tips from a professional artist in this free video about art supplies.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Bruce Baker and today I'm just going to show a few short tips on how to paint with oil sticks. What you'll need are some oil bars or oil sticks, odorless mineral spirits and canvas. In this case I have a canvas panel today and a good bristle brush. One thing you need to understand about oil bars is they are oil paint mixed with wax and as they sit for a while the surface skims over with a wax surface and so as you get one out you unwrap it. But the first thing you need to do is get a paper towel or a rag and just kind of wipe it to get it started. Now I have exposed the creamy oil paint and quite simply it's like drawing on a canvas with an oil crayon and you just go ahead and apply it thick or thin and you have a lot of control. Now what I'm going to do is get a bristle brush with a little bit of paint thinner or mineral spirits and I can come back in and work this paint around. Now what I can do with the thinner in here is I can add it in to what I put on and you can see what you can do with it. You have all kinds of flexibility. Can you go over an existing oil painting with an oil bar? Absolutely. It will dry to the touch in a couple hours and it will skin over completely in about 24 hours. You can use it over top of an existing oil painting or you can use it mixed in with a regular oil painting or do it exclusively with the oil bars. In conclusion there is really no rules with painting with the oil bars just understand that it is an oil paint. It is excellent for sketching. It is also good for painting outside when you don't want to carry tubes of oil paint around but it's oil paint with a little bit of wax and the possibilities are pretty much endless.


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