How to Draw Flowers Step-by-Step

A step-by-step way to draw flowers is by starting with the stem, then draw the center of the flower and then you can start drawing the petals around it. Discover how to draw a flower with instruction from an award-winning artist in this free video on drawing lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hello! I'm Jacklyn Laflamme. I'm a professional artist with In this clip we're going to learn how to draw flowers step by step. You'll need a sketch book, you'll need some black markers to draw with. We're going to start our drawing by roughing in the stem of the flower. We're just going to take a nice, curvy line and that's going to be the foundation for our stem. On top of the stem, we're going to do almost a half circle drawing. That's going to be the center of the flower. From here we can start drawing in our petals. And you just go all around the semicircle and draw your petals. They don't need to be so perfect. If you think of flowers, they all grow differently in nature. So you can just kind of rough in your petals and go around like so. And you can always go back in and add more detail and color. Then from the stem you want to add in couple little leaves, maybe a little leaf pattern. And we can always go back down here and repeat the process again with a little flower. And you can start filling in your leaves just as we did at the top. And you can come back here for a minute and just add in just a few more little details, and some little dots. And if you keep continuing on in this manner, you will have a beautiful flower. This has been Jacklyn Laflamme, thank you for watching.


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