How to Make a Multi-String Beaded Necklace

The best way to make a multi-string beaded necklaces is by using a bead board, which has graduated troughs to plan out the lengths of each strand. String beads onto three separate strands before linking them together with a demonstration from a beading instructor in this free video on beaded jewelry.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Monica from Monica's Quilt and Bead Creations in Palm Desert, California and today we're going to show you how to make a multi-string beaded necklace. Using a bead board is your best bet simply because when you're doing a multi-strand necklace this is already graduated so you don't have to figure that part out. Once you've got all of your beads strung you are going to take your bead stopper off because you have used this on one end so that in case you run out of certain beads you can always go back to this side. You're going to add your crimp beads, I always use two crimp beads. You're going to get your finding which is a clasp, you're going to go once you have your two crimp beads on up through one side on the outside saying that you have three strands so each one of these strands will go into one of these holes here. You're going to go up through the clasp and back down through the crimp beads pulling this nice and tight, you're going to bring your crimp beads up to the top using the crimping tool so that you have enough space that this moves freely and you're going to crimp your crimp bead. I crimp both of them on one side and then I turn and I use my rounder to round the crimp beads. Once we have them both rounded we're going to clip off this small piece using the flush side of our cutters and we'll proceed with the next strand. Once you have all three strands put on one side you'll go to your other side and connect those on the other side. Don't be afraid to mix and match your beads so that you get a nice variety of different beads, different shapes and different sizes. It adds a lot to your piece when you're adding the different shapes and sizes. When doing a multi-strand where all the strands are all relatively the same size I like to use a long single strand bead board and I simply make all of my strands the same size. I'm Monica and that's how we do a multi-string beaded necklace.


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