Dremel Scroll Saw Tutorial

The scroll saw attachment to a Dremel tool can be used to cut random shapes into a variety of materials. Be sure to wear eye protection when using this high-speed rotary tool with tips from a professional carpenter in this free video on Dremel tools.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Steve Anthony, I'm a handyman and carpenter here in New York City. In this clip we're going to do a Dremel scroll saw tutorial. Now the Dremel tool, which is so incredibly versatile can actually mimic some of the actions of a scroll saw. In order to this what we need to do is take our Dremel, remove this collar and attach to it the router base assembly. Now I've already fitted it with a rotary cutting bit as you can see, this is a spiral sharpened edge bit that will enable us to cut through wood in a random pattern, sort of like a scroll saw. So once we've fitted ourselves up and set our depth, in this case I've set the depth of the cutter to be able to fit through this piece of plywood and you can see that I've started a cut and you see it's just a random shape as a scroll saw would do. Now I'm going to set my speed setting at the highest speed, number 5 and we're going to just continue this random cutting mimicking the action of a scroll saw. Now this is just a quick example of the random shapes that you can achieve with the Dremel scroll saw bit attachment. It's very important to remember when you're using a high speed tool such as this to wear eye protection. I have high impact polycarbonate lenses fitted into my glasses that are prescription glasses so that my eyes are always protected when I'm working. But if you don't wear glasses and you don't have special high impact lenses in your glasses, be sure to wear some sort of goggles or face mask, some sort of eye protection, it's very important. If this blade should break, it's going to do you a lot of damage. This is Steve Anthony, thanks for watching.


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