Statistics on Green Technology & Household Energy

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If people convert to green technology in their homes, they can reduce the carbon footprint significantly, because 27 percent of carbon dioxide emissions come from residential use. Find out how to convert light bulbs to save energy with help from an environmental activist in this free video on green energy.

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Video Transcript

My name is Doug Young, president South Florida Audubon Society and chair of the Green House Gas Reduction subcommittee of the Broward County climate change task force. Lets talk a little bit about statistics on green technology and household energy. The two are actually really related. If we convert the green technology in the home we can reduce our carbon footprint and reduce C02 emissions twenty seven percent approximately of C02 emissions or green house gas emissions come from residential use. So that's a very important statistic, almost fifty percent come from transportation. So if we could do things around the home such as converting our bulbs to neon bulbs, the twisted kind that you've seen very often, not only will you reduce C02 emissions but you are going to lower your energy bill significantly. That's green technology. The other type of thing is having, converting to solar home if possible is also a green technology and will significantly reduce your electrical bill.


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