How to Install Window Screens

The first step in installing a window screen is to get the right screen by measuring the opening from side to side and top to bottom. Learn about using rotating tabs to lock a new window screen in place with help from a remodeling specialist in this free video on installing window screens.

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Video Transcript

Hi I am Tim Gipson, I am going to talk to you about how to install window screens. Of course the first thing starts with making sure we have the right screen. And all we need to do is measure the opening from side to side and top to bottom, and that will give us our size of window screen. And we are ready to put this in, first thing we need to do is open the window. And this particular style has two clips at the top that we fold out, so once the window is folded out then we are ready to insert the screen. And how we are going to do this is the screen has a solid size, and then on the back it has it's reset side with a black rubber gasket in it. We want to put that to the outside, because there are trim on the outside of the window that covers that up. And also to lock it in place you have these two rotating tabs, once we get it in place we will rotate this up so it will stay in place. So once we have the window open and the screen oriented right we can slide it down in to the bottom slot, it will snap into place. Now once we get it into place like this we want to come in, we want to check the bottom and make sure it is sitting down behind the ridge that holds that screen. Once we check that we are going to come back up here, and we can rotate the levers in place, that will hold it, and lock our window back in place, and we are good to go. So I'm Tim Gipson, and that is how to install a window screen.


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