What Causes Cramping in Legs in Hot Weather?

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Heat cramps and heat exhaustion are precursors to heatstroke, and heat cramps are best prevented by taking in plenty of fluids. Stay hydrated and rested to avoid heat cramps with help from an EMT in this free video on leg cramping.

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Video Transcript

Heat cramps, as well as heat stroke, in itself, they really go hand in hand. Heat cramps and heat exhaustion are just precursors to heat stroke in itself. The best way to prevent heat cramps, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke is if...say, if you're working out in the yard on a hot day, just make sure you take in plenty of fluids -- water, especially. Gatorade is helpful, but...and the other electrolyte replacement drinks that there are available on the market are beneficial, but only after prolonged exertion within a heat environment. But the best way to prevent heat cramps themselves is to stay well-hydrated and well-rested and make sure that you eat regular meals throughout the day, especially if you're experiencing physical activity outside.


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