Pesticide Safety: Identify Active Ingredients

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The active ingredient in pesticides allows consumers to compare one brand with another. Find out how to identify the active ingredients in pesticides with tips from the owner of a farm-supply store in this free pesticide safety video.

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Video Transcript

Every pesticide label will have a way to tell what chemical you're buying. Many times people buy their lawn and garden products by the brand name. There's no way, by reading the brand name, whether you know you're getting the same chemical if your buy a different brand unless you read the active ingredient part of the label. On this particular product, this is a generic Round-Up, it shows the active ingredient to be sodium salt of glyphosate 41% - right over here, active ingredient. Then it shows a percentage of surfactants. Then it shows a percentage of inert ingredients, which would be water. This label is your way of knowing if you bought sodium salt of glyphosate with one label and you can't find it at the merchant you're at. This is one way you'll know what product you're getting. You'll know that if it's the same percentage, or even stronger, possibly do the same job or better job.


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