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Fleas are attracted to heat and light, so a makeshift way of catching fleas is to place reverse duct tape in a place with a heat light source on top of it. Discover how to catch fleas with lights or flea combs by following tips from a veterinarian in this free video on pest control.

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Lets talk about, how to catch fleas in the home and on your pet. There are several commercial types of traps that are made both on-line or at sometimes hardware stores that you can find, that both work electronically or by heat or light, that you can plug into the wall let say, and will capture fleas in the house. Fleas are attracted to light and heat, and a makeshift way of setting up a trap to see if you have an infestation is to use reverse duct tape, or a sticky fly trap type of tape, with a heat light source over top of it. Setting that up overnight in an area that is frequently used, say a living room, or something like that, and the next day you can look, and you will see these tiny little black creatures which are fleas. If you don't see any, then you're not dealing with an infestation. On your pet, the best way to look for fleas, would be near the head, but especially near the tail and the tail base. your best weapon is a flea comb, flea combs are very inexpensive, they have a nice small sided comb on them, that you can use to basically comb your pet, and fleas will be in-trapped into that, also, flea dirt, which is the excrement of fleas, can be trapped in that, and you can tell if you have an infestation. And common places that you would look for fleas would be especially in your pets bedding, or if there is a bunch of towels or blankets or something like that, that are used for bedding for a pet, fleas would love that because there's lots of different areas to go into. Other areas would be carpeting, especially thick carpeting can harbor fleas quite a bit, so vacuuming is very, very important in trying to get rid of fleas. Those are the most common areas that fleas are going to exist, so they can hide and then jump on and off your pet.


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