How to Wear a Toga

There are different ways to wear a toga, and when designing a toga costume, decide between a short or long piece of fabric. Accessorize a toga costume by adding belts, laurel leafs, grapes and a bottle of wine with the help of this free video from a costume shop owner.

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Video Transcript

Here is a few different Toga looks that you can do. We are going to start with one of the most popular ones which is a simple easy thing to do and is great to liven up any party. We are going to show you how to do the animal house toga style. You simply want to go into your linen are and pick out some kind of great sheet that you want to represent your animal house look with depending on the size of the fellow that you are depends on the size of the sheet that you need, I'll let you figure that one out. Once you have gotten your sheet of choice it is as simple as gathering up the two corners and simply tying up on one edge what you wear underneath is up to you. They wore T-shirts and jeans some of them wore slacks and nothing too grand. If you find that your sheet is on the ground you can easily take a rope or your own personal belt and tie it around, thank you. Tying it around with either your belt or rope or whatever it is that you have handy around the house or animal house it doesn't really matter. You just simply want to pull it up until you are off the ground. They wore theirs very long and if you don't have anything underneath make sure those side pieces get together alright guys. You will also want to add some lovely laurel leaf bling. Now the animal house style is a little on the lower end of it so you don't have to get too fancy. You can purchase something like this from or you can also make something like this by simply cutting out laurel leafs out of paper and gluing some aluminum foil to it, adding it to a little bit of elastic and giving you a great laurel leaf look ready to grab a bottle of wine and be on your way to the next animal house party. For another great toga look we are going to show you the next famous or one of the next famous toga styles of the time century. We are going to show you abokas. Now he is an easy thing to do as well. Cody as you can see is wearing a long style toga and you usually want to choose a long style toga. This is something that can be made or I suppose if you had some kind of gown that you possibly borrowed from your wife or someone that you might know that is of no shape really and of authentic fabric just in regards to the natural fabric. So try to choose something in the cream shade as well, that's always better or there are patterns at your local fabric store that you can choose to make something like this or easiest is just simply order something like this from We have a wide variety of them both with details and without details short and long. An abokas look is more of a loose look so you don't have to get too crazy with belts or anything of that nature simply making sure that you have your grape leaves and grape hair floral leaf head piece and possibly adding some to either your shoulder or to your belt area just add a little bit more and don't forget the bottle of wine. Bokas are never seen without a bottle. So for a very simple fun Bokas look simply a gown of some sort to the floor preferably or calf length, sandal shoes the grape laurel leaves and it is much better to use the realistics versus the metallics and of course the grapes are always a great feature and then a bottle and you are simply a grape bokas.


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