How to Troubleshoot Your Microwave

When troubleshooting a microwave, check the electrical system, rotating tray and air vents. Find out when it's time to contact a professional service technician for microwave issues in this free video from a home repair specialist on maintaining and fixing houses.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Tim Gipson and I'm going to talk to you about troubleshooting a microwave. Now if you don't have power on your microwave the first thing you want to check is if it is a built in like this it is going to be hard wired into your electrical system so you want to go back to your power panel and you want to check that breaker and make sure that breaker hasn't been tripped. If you don't have electrical power most of the time you are going to find that that breaker has been tripped so reset the breaker and your power should come back on. Beyond that if you have got a hard wired system and you do not have power you probably have something that has gone wrong with your microwave and you need to get a professional service technician to take a look at it at that point or to look at replacing it. Beyond that there are some other things that we can look at. If you do have some problems where you are cooking some food and it is not getting evenly cooked or you are getting some hot cold spots in there particularly on a model like this where it has a rotating tray on the inside. Sometimes this try can get dislodged so that it is not rotating the food so you want to make sure that this tray and you can actually you should be able to rotate this tray by hand if it is in the grooves properly and setting down there properly. The other thing is that as you turn your microwave on you can observe that everything is in there and that it is rotating properly. The important thing too is that with these microwaves particularly with these all in one units that are connected with an oven you'll want to make sure that you keep these vents cleaned out. There is a fan there that circulates the air and if those get clogged up it could effect the operation of your microwave. I'm Tim Gipson and that's troubleshooting tips for your microwave.


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