How to Get Rid of a Cold in a Day

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Getting rid of a cold in a day is tricky, so try increasing vitamin C intake, drinking lots of fluid, getting good amounts of rest and possibly seeing a pharmacist or physician. Combat the common cold with health information from a practicing nurse in this free video on the common cold.

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Video Transcript

If you have a cold and you'd like to get rid of it fast, it may be hard to do but if you catch it on the upswing, you might be able to get rid of it faster. This is how to get rid of a cold in a day. I'm Dan Carlson, I'm a nurse. Basically going to want to increase your vitamin C and liquids, things like that when you feel the cold symptoms coming on. As its very hard to get rid of a cold in a day as it can linger in your body for week, 10 days, something like that. But if you catch it on the upswing, maybe it'll get rid of it quick. Increase fluids, take vitamin C, use medications that can treat your symptoms which would make it easier on you and definitely just get a lot of rest. You're going to want to do those things. Maybe see a physician right away or a pharmacist and they can lead you in the right direction of which medications or which supplements to be taking prior to feeling that cold coming on. It is hard to get rid of a cold in a day fast though, so try what you can, that's about all you can do. I'm Dan Carlson, thank you.


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