How to Draw a Human Mouth in Conte Crayon

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Begin a human-mouth drawing by outlining the seam of the mouth in a dark Conte colored crayon. Find out how to draw human mouths using Conte crayons with tips from a professional illustrator in this free video about learning to draw.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jay French from Jay French, and I'm going to teach you how to draw a mouth, a human mouth, with Conte crayon. Now, of course, the good way to start is to get your dark lines in. We could assume that you'll be starting from a drawing that's already existing, and you're going over it. Just to get depth in. You get your hard lines in first, which is the actual seam of the mouth. And you want that with the darkest, broader crayon. Gonna use a brush. And then...don't worry to much about the smearing, because you're going to be filling in a lot of this area. Maybe get the impression....start giving the impressions of...with this darkest, of the edges of the lips as well, whichever ones you think will show up the most. Now you want to do a much lighter 8B here, for some of the cracks of the lips, get those impressions in. We're going to use a bit of the 2B as well, I always have to look on there to remember what they're called. Okay, and I'm going with another dark. And we're going to start shading the areas that are the darkest, which is mostly going to be on the top lip unless you've got upward lighting, a light source from underneath. And we're going to use a page to keep me from smudging too much. This of course is dependent on your...the person you're drawing and their features, but generally you're...have a dark shadow that leads to the chin, which becomes light again. Go ahead and add, even add the divot of the nose, which is going to be a softer edge than the lines, most of the lines you've done here so far have been harsh for the seam of the mouth, and the edges of the lips, which is a harder edge than the divot under the nose. Now you still want some value...some actual color to the lower lip as well. You can add to the highlights with some white. You always get a bit of a reflection on your upper lip as well, a bit of bright...especially on moist lips, which most of them are. But you definitely want a very definite highlight to your lower lip. Get some highlights on your divot, under where your chin is beginning. You can use the white just to blend some of these shades. And if you lose your lines that you made for the cracks lips, you can go ahead and add them in, accentuate them and bring them out more later. And, that's your basic lesson on how to draw a human mouth in Conte crayon.


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