How to Draw Disney Characters

When drawing a Disney character, create a rounded nose, large irises and a curved lower lip to decorate the features of a princess. Draw a Disney character with tips from a professional illustrator and graphic artist in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

HI I'm Jay French of and today I'm going to teach you how to draw Disney characters. O'kay there are lots of Disney characters but most people who want to know how to draw Disney characters want to know how to draw Disney princesses so we are going to do a Disney princess and we'll just see if you can figure out who is being drawn here. There are some of course very common repeated themes to the Disney style even when you have different artists working on it but you always have a sharp pointy chin, a distinctive rounded cheek for that air of innocence, subtle brow ridge, you don't want a sharp brow ridge unless you are doing a male character and even then only on certain ones, usually villains and that is the specifics of the characters, thin necks because Disney princesses generally are young. We have a curved nose, now in the case of, this will tell you who I am not doing, in the case of Jasmin from Aladdin she was of course Arabic so we had a little more of an outward rounded nose there and she had a little less brown ridge than what was noticeable in Pocahontas. We just want to get some impression of where the nose is and usually there is a nice shadow but very subtle and Disney eyes are larger realistically with more heaviness of course in the top lid. We have large irises and pupils and a soulful look. Often the nose bridge will come up right up against this less prominent eye in here in the standard three quarter view and we have a very simple line for eyebrows they are almost always enlarged, a nice curve, not sharp usually, slightly smaller than realistic in the lips and give a curved prominence to the lower lip and thinner towards the end of the mouth and we end up with if you haven't guessed it yet you probably can by this hairstyle. We have Beauty and the Beast's Belle. That's your basic tutorial on how to draw Belle from Beauty and the Beast.


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