How to Clean or Replace Furnace Filters

Allergy, air and furnace filters restrict more air and cause trouble in cooling and heating the home. Watch these tips from a professional home repairman, and learn how to clean or replace furnace filters correctly in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm James with JNC Home Repair, today I'm going to show you how to replace your furnace filter or air conditioning filter. It's pretty common around the house, it's something that you've got to do, if you've got to replace your air filter on a regular basis or your air conditioner is just going to clog up and it won't work. One thing to consider, most people just use those real cheap filters and those are real good except for you've got to change them every thirty days. If you have an allergy type filter, you can replace those every ninety to maybe even four months, even up to six months. The bad thing about using those allergy filters is it restricts a lot of air flow and you may experience some difficulty in cooling your house. You may be back in a back room or something and it's not cooling properly, that's maybe where you want to start or maybe check and see if you've got the wrong type of filter in there. You also want to choose the right size filter, you don't want one that's too small or too big. If you've got one that's too small then you're going to have air going through there that's not going through the filter and it's just going to be recirculating a lot of dust and dirt and it's just going to be blowing out of your vents. First thing you want to do is you just want to find your access panel. You want to remove your access panel from the front of the unit, some of them are inside, some of them are outside in the garage, just depending on where yours is at. They have them in different locations, sometimes they're even in the returns but this particular model we're going to remove the access panel and we're going to remove the old air filter and then we're going to replace it with a new filter.


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