How to Sketch a Crowd

Sketching a crowd can be starting by filling up the frame with people and bodies but without too much detail. Draw a crowd with tips from a professional cartoonist and illustrator in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Ok folks in this clip I'm going to teach you how to sketch a crowd. And we are not going to go into too much detail on the actual people in this crowd, but I'm going to show you how to basically arrange the shapes of a group of people to create a crowd like look in a drawing so what we are going to do is you always start with the people that are the closest to the person's point of view, the person who is viewing the drawing or the comic book or whatever. So what you'll do is you'll kind of start filling up your frame with bodies. That are milling about and obviously these are going to be just rough sketches. We are teaching you how to sketch a crowd not draw in all the details. We are just going to teach you how to draw basically in perspective here. So we'll start with a couple of people that you know are roughly the same size, make their bodies you know, if you are walking through the park maybe. This crowd see you can always see basically anywhere. Anywhere you want it to be. But the trick is going to be fooling people with perspective. Now I'm going to come in here and I'm going to draw a person who is a little bit closer. You obviously near the, nearer to where we the viewer is standing. You see how I did that. You got to make sure his proportions are much different then the people standing just over his left shoulder there. So there's him, then maybe you are walking you know a little ways behind him is one of his buddies and the thing that you are trying to do is give people the perspective that this is a wide open area and there are going to be a lot of people occupying this area. And to do that you have to create a sense of perspective and dimension. So I'm going to come back over here over this guy's right shoulder and I'm going to draw in just another person that's maybe roughly the size of the two people that are over here. Someone walking there, maybe someone over him, maybe a couple of people, maybe a kid. So yeah don't worry too much right now about sketching in the details just kind of get the practice of filling up the frame with people. So now we've got our foreground people, maybe throw a person or two directly behind them. Another thing you are going to want to remember is that you start to draw behind the people that you've already created, you are going to want to draw less and less detail because the more detail you call to the people that are behind, the it's just not going to look right perspective wise. You want your focus to be on the people on the foreground. Unless for some reason you are attempting to focus on someone who is in the background that, that person is the character that you are trying to focus in on. See how I'm doing this though like the, I'm going to start to basically move away from these foreground characters into like start, it's hard to move back, I'm going to start drawing less and less detail of the people that are in this area. One thing you just kind of bear in mind though is like once you create a, I guess you can say a point of focus, you got to make sure that everyone's bodies remain that you know, in proportionate to the other people that are in that same vicinity they are. Cause if you start to shrink it up at all it's going to really ruin your perspective. So now I'm going to start to even draw even fewer details. And sooner or later I'm only going to be drawing little circles where people's heads might be. I'm not filling in much detail at all, I mean really at this point what we are going to be doing is just filling in the empty spaces. And once you get to the very, very back just kind of lightly throw in a bunch of little circles, that will basically stand for people's heads and if you want you can throw a little bit of a texture in there but that is basically the way you create a crowd of people in a concentrated area. Start with the people in the front, really add you know a size, shape and dimension into those people. Make sure that they clearly are the ones popping out of the picture. And then basically work your way back from there. But again make sure you call attention to the right spots in the crowd. The one that spot that you want to call the attention to do otherwise. It's going to really the perspective won't come through. Cause you have to basically force the perspective on your audience. Force perspective is all in the hands of the artist. So make sure that it's in the right area. But that is basically the technique you going to want to use when you sketch a crowd.


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