How to Draw an Angel

When drawing an angel, try to get the focus on signature angel characteristics, like the halo or wings, and not on other details, like the face. Sketch an angel with tips from a professional cartoonist and illustrator in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

All right folks, in this clip I'm going to teach you how to draw an angel. Just your basic angel, so we'll start right here with his head. Now, of course, he can be..just as easily a she as a he, although I do not even think that angels necessarily have a sex, per se. They're just kind of generically known as being angels. But, we won't worry too much about that. So first we'll start with his head, and I'm just going to kind of draw a generic angel head here. Come up here and draw the eyebrows. We have the face already. No need to go into a lot of detail. We won't....the trick when drawing these characters is to know where to really put the audience focus. And with an angel, we're going to want, obviously, to make sure we don't make his face distracting in any way. What we're going to want to do is really call attention to this, his halo. That is your signature angel characteristic, and one that will obviously call attention to the fact that it is, in fact, an angel. So definitely make sure you get that part right. Now the next bit we're going to do is we're going to work our way down the angel's body. Kind of move down to do his tunic, and one way that I might do this is kind of show that the tunic has folds to it by just kind of giving a light, sort of flowing motion down like this, and then coming to sort of an end there. And you can show the folds in the tunic, and maybe draw even a belt. So that we can clearly see...and now I'm going to draw the angel's hands coming kind of right out to the side, almost....sort of looks like an angelic pose to me for some reason. I'm not exactly sure why, seems a little angelic. So yeah. You can obviously pose him however you'd like, him or her, however you'd like to portray it. That would be a good start. So then what we'll do is we'll move down, and we'll do a lower portion of the tunic, which again we'll just sort of flow down and out. And what I will do actually sorta make it sort of odd, flowing shape. And then use your pen to come in and really draw in the folds and cloak. Call, you know, just a little bit of attention, make it sort of a light, sort of a thing. And then finally the bottom. Draw the feet, and we'll actually draw this angel suspended in the air. So there we have his feet, and he will actually be flying, or floating, however you like to do it. Now the most obvious other characteristic besides the halo will be the bit that we do right now, which is the wings. Start with two golden arches, coming right out of the middle of his back just like that. Come on down. And then what you'll do is you'll kind of progressively come in with the little lines along the bottom. So start with the furtherest feather, and then gradually work your way up to very angelic looking wings. And then the way that we kind of add some detail is we come up and do a line along the top. And then really show that these bottom feathers are the long ones by drawing lines up from the dips in the middle, just like that. And then, at this point you're pretty good, but if you wanted to you could come in also and add some more layers, like, I would suggest maybe coming in, drawing a few extra feather layers just like this on top of each other, just like that. And that looks pretty angelic, just the wing span alone looks very angelic I would say.


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