How to Measure & Record Respiratory Rate

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To evaluate a accident victim's respiratory rate, watch their chest rise and fall. Be prepared to save a life by learning the medical tips in this free first-aid video from a professional fireman.

Part of the Video Series: First Aid & Safety Tips
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Video Transcript

You know assessing a patient or victim's condition can be one of the key factors and components to help responding medical personal determine what's going on with the victim of an accident or illness. Hi I'm Captain Joe Bruni. What we are going to talk about is how to measure respiratory rate or breathing. We would basically take a look at the chest or the stomach and watch it rise and fall. Each time it rises and fall would be one inspiration and expiration of breathing. We would count each time their chest rise and fall for approximately fifteen seconds and multiply by four or count for thirty seconds and multiply by two. We would then take note of this as we are counting, watching what type of breathing rate is occurring. Is it labored, or is it effortless. Is it deep or is it shallow. And record such findings so when responding medical personal can receive this key critical information from you as a first responder, someone that's a good Samaritan or just someone rendering aid to a victim of an accident or illness, would be good information to give to responding medical personal. I'm Captain Joe Bruni, we'll see you next time and stay safe.


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